Timbaland Previews New Tink Music

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Timbaland went on his Instagram to tease us once again with some of his upcoming productions, and this time around, he teased us with some upcoming Tink releases, that first tune sounds dope, check out both tunes below.

New Timbaland x Opera Noir Preview (September 20th)

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And here is another Preview from Opera Noir.


Timbaland's Co-Venture Ole-Bluestone Signs Co-Publishing Deal With Alternative Rock Group OK Mayday

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Ole-Bluestone, a music publishing co-venture between ole and iconic super producer Timbaland, have completed a worldwide co-publishing deal with alternative rock group OK Mayday. Band members David Bollmann, Kelly Bollmann, Matt Osborn, and Stephen Lee are accomplished songwriters who have worked with artists such as Timbaland, Keri Hilson, J Cole, and Nashville Grammy producer Paul Moak, and songwriter Dave Elkins.

Ole-Bluestone is a co-venture between Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer Timbaland and global rights management company ole. Ole-Bluestone is dedicated to finding and fostering talented songwriters and helping them reach their full potential through active creative development and worldwide copyright administration. Under the deal, Timbaland, doing business as Blue Stone Music Publishing, will co-sign third party writers he sources. Industry veteran Eric Spence, a key member of the Mosley Music Group, the globally successful record label founded by Timothy Mosley (aka Timbaland) in 2005, will be at the helm of the venture's operations.

"ole looks forward to extending our relationship with Timbaland and developing exciting new Creative talent together," says ole CEO Robert Ott. "We have a lot of confidence in Eric and look forward to a successful venture." "I'm very excited about this new venture with ole. I look forward to us finding exceptional talent," remarks Timbaland, "There are so many gifted writers looking to make their mark and Ole-Blue Stone will be home to the very best of them." Thanks to thepestilence.


‘Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B’ Is Due November 15th

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Lifetime announced that they will be premiering the controversial "Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B" bio-pic on November 15th. The project has been plagued with problems since the beginning, with the family and Aaliyah's producers and closest friends -- Missy Elliott and Timbaland -- disapproving of the project.

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Alexandra Shipp as Aaliyah
There has also been controversy over using Aaliyah's original music in the film. Originally, "Shake It Up" star Zendaya was was cast to play the late singer, who died in a plane crash in 2001. She soon dropped out of the project and was replaced by Alexandra Shipp. Thanks to thepestilence.


Coco & Breezy Eyewear With Wizz Dumb

The latest eyewear collection from Coco & Breezy, film by Jen Campbell, music by "Popcorn Butter" by Wizz Dumb for Dumb Drumbs Productions Inc., make-up by Caroline Smith, thanks to noname.